What's on in Paris in Winter 2012/2013

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Winter 2012/2013 Antique exhibitions
Palais Royal

A most delightful place to visit, to simply stroll to see the antique world in action in the heart of Paris... and why not buy an antique. 250 antique shops gathered under an enchanting arcade, facing the Louvre. You can find anything from archeological objects to Art Deco, Near- and Middle-East marvels, to Russian art, English-style furniture and objets d'art of different epochs from Renaissance through Napoleon.

Le Louvre des Antiquaires,
2, Place du Palais-Royal, Paris 1st
Metro: Palais Royal, Louvre
Phone 33(0)1 42 97 27 00
Open: Tuesdays to Sundays
11:00 to 19:00
Closed on Mondays
Closed on Sundays in July & August
Free access
Eiffel tower/
Ecole Militaire

150 Antique shops and decorators animate this outstanding group of antique dealers. It offers an unforgetable atmosphere in which you can enjoy a real trip from Primitive to Contemporary Art and meet the unusually warm and welcoming dealers on the spot.

Le Village Suisse
78, avenue de Suffren and 54, Avenue de la Motte-Picquet,
Paris 15th.

Metro: La Motte Picquet
Open 10:30 to 19:00
Thursdays to Mondays
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Free Access
Madeleine area ETUDE TAJAN (Experts)

Special auctions of particular interest: Furniture and Objets d'Art of XVth and XVIIth century from some of the greatest private collections in the world.

Etude Tajan-
37, rue des Mathurins, Paris 8th
Phone: 33(0)1 53 30 30 30
e-mail: tajan@worldnet.fr
Metro: Havre Caumartin
Eiffel Tower / Ecole Militaire area LE GRENIER DE JUPITER

Le Grenier de Jupiter is a real discovery for lovers of Antiques: you can find a very wide selection of rare, unique and authentic archeology, antique furniture and other art objets. Arranged on two floors, this spacious antique shop is situated conveniently at the corner of Avenue de la Bourdonnais and the rue de Grenelle, not far from the Eiffel tower.
Take a look at
Le Grenier de Jupiter's interior, to feel the characteristic atmosphere of this interesting antique address recommended by Art Lovers' Paris to our readers.

Le Grenier de Jupiter,

Corner of Avenue de la Bourdonnais No. 85 and rue de Grenelle No.201,
Paris 7th.
Open every day except Mondays from 10:00 to 19:00
Phone: 33 (0)1 45 55 29 99
Fax: 33 (0)1 45 55 88 00
Metro: Ecole Militaire

Great antiques and objet d'arts. You can even find rare masterpieces belonging to the likes of Marie-Antoinette.

Perrin Antiquaires,
98, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris 8th
Phone 33 (0)1 42 65 01 38 Metro: Madeleine/Concorde

Experts in Art-Nouveau, Art-Deco, collector's posters, paintings and sculptures from 1850 to now.

Cabinet d'Expertises Camard
18, rue de la Grange-Batelière, Paris 9th
Phone 33 (0)1 42 46 35 74
Metro: Richelieu-Drouot
Opera area DE BAYSER

Experts in antique drawings, paintings and sculptures.

De Bayser
69, rue Ste Anne, Paris 2nd

Phone 33 (0)1 47 03 49 87

Metro: 4-Septembre
Beside the Orsay Museum
on the river bank
Quai Voltaire/Rue du Bac
One of the best known concentrations of antique shops, with a complete range of specializations in European and Oriental antiques.
Quai Voltaire/Rue du Bac
Just past the Orsay Museum between the river and Boulevard St. Germain

Metro: Rue du Bac/Solferino


Hotel des Ventes Drouot
9, rue. Drouot, Paris 9th
Phone 33(0)1 48 00 20 20
Metro: Drouot-Richelieu

Hotel des Ventes Drouot-Montaigne
15, Ave. Montaigne, Paris 8th
Phone 33(0)1 48 00 20 85
Metro: Alma-Marceau
9, Ave. Matignon, Paris 8th

Phone 33(0)1 40 76 85 85
Metro: Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau

76, rue. du Faubourg St. Honoré, Paris 8th

Phone 33 (0)1 53 05 53 05
Metro: Moromesnil


Salon des Antiquaires
At the Hippodrome d'Auteuil, Paris 16th
Regular event every November

Each day from 11 am to 8 pm
Metro: Porte d'Auteuil
At the Quai Henry IV, Paris 4th

Regular event every January
Each day from 11 am to 8 pm
Metro: Sully-Morland/Quai de la Rapée

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