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Cyrus Aghakhani's exhibition
Cyrus Aghakhani

Highly symbolic in significance, Aghakhani's painting is densely populated with see-through beings whose inner characters are exposed and surprise you with their harmony. With a style reminiscent of ancient engraved pottery with abstracted binary colours, he shows the memory of existence inherited in the form of a primordial inscription within each being or object. The mystery of existence is thus dictated to the artist by his unconscious or super conscious mind in the form of symbolic and archaic figures. These beings carry with them their past and future; they are complex in their making yet simple in appearance.

After a Bachelor's degree in graphic art from the faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University (1992), followed by a Master's degree in painting, Cyrus Aghakhani took up teaching art in Tehran's Azad University and has been active in many artistic domains such as illustration of children's books or management of art galleries and group exhibitions. His main artistic activity as a painter started with a personal exhibition in Azad gallery in 1997, followed by:
- Personal exhibition in Afrand gallery in 1999;
- Group exhibition in Afrand gallery in 2000 and 2001;
- Group exhibition in Azad gallery;
- Monoprint group exhibition in Laleh Art Gallery in 2002;
- Group exhibition at the Iranian Painters Society in the Iranian Artists House in 2003;
- Painting exhibiton and workshop entitled 'Shahnameh' in Laleh Art Gallery in 2003;
- Colored articles exhibition in Laleh Art Gallery in 2003;
- Management and participation in 'Constructivism experiences in Iranian contemporary art' group exhibition in Shahr Art Gallery in 2003;
- Participation in the biennial of contemporary art in Tehran, 2003;
- Participation in an exhibition entitled 'Doodling while sitting at a table in a restaurant', Iranian Artists House Restaurant in 2003;
- Group exhibition in Arasharan Art Gallery, 2004;
- Individual painting exhibition in Barg gallery in June 2004;
- Participation in 'Telephone conversation doodling exhibition' in Azad Gallery.

Cyrus Aghakhani has held executive responsibilities as expert in Laleh gallery, manager in Shahr gallery and executive manager of the Iranian Painters Society publication committee. He is a member of the Iranian Painters Society and has published and illustrated 15 books obtaining several awards and encouragements including the Children's book illustration award in the Contemporary art museum in Tehran.

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Cyrus Aghakhani's exhibition

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