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A collection of paintings, sculpture and photographic work of Thomas Eakins, an American master at the turn of the 19th century, are presented for the first time in France at the Orsay Museum from 5th February 2002 to 12th May 2002.

THOMAS EAKINS: An American Realist

I keep hearing a phrase, repeated incessantly in derogatory tones, that has become an unfortunate cliché: “writing about dead painters”, or “writing about the past”. Scientists don’t seem to agree about time, but it does seem that our intuitive notion of it is erroneous in a four-dimensional universe. I prefer to think that the future and past are just like the present, or that the past holds within it the present and the future. So I am happy to be writing about an artist as distinguished as Thomas Eakins who is ever present and will always be a part of the world's future, a positive and enduring future, even if he did work a century ago.

I was deeply struck by his work. For me it is far more than ‘realistic’; it is literally ‘alive’. And this is especially true of his portraits; they are quite extraordinary. No realistic photograph could render those personalities in their complexity with such truth. Looking at his work, I was moved by his sincerity and truthfulness. He obviously grasped the truth about people and he kept their integrity intact, painting it with precision and without a hint of distortion.

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Thomas Eakins - Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake
Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake
Thomas Eakins
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Thomas Eakins: An American Realist. From 5th February 2002
to 12th May 2002

Orsay Museum, Niveau médian (rooms 55 to 60).
Metro: Musée d'Orsay/Solferino

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