Le Grenier de Jupiter
Le Grenier de Jupiter is a real discovery for lovers of Antiques: you can find a very wide selection of rare, unique and authentic archeology, antique furniture and other art objets. Arranged on two floors, this spacious antique shop is situated conveniently at the angle of Avenue de la Bourdonnais and the rue de Grenelle, not far from the Eiffel tower.
One of its specialities is authentic and beautiful archaeological pieces to add a touch of time-honored culture when you personalize your interior decoration, but you'll have to be quick since objects come and go at a fast pace.
Amongst the objects illustrated below are some fine sculptures that date back to 2000 years AD or the Tang, Han and Ming periods, all authenticated by thermoluminescent tests and well preserved in their colourful elegance.
This antique shop also offers a real opportunity to find all sorts of period furniture from different epochs and private collections, as well as 'objets d'art', classical or unusual in form or color, all full of character.
Visit this shop, or this dedicated page often as there are always new and exciting art pieces to discover.
Take a look at
Le Grenier de Jupiter's interior, to feel the characteristic atmosphere of this interesting antique address recommended by Art Lovers' Paris to our readers.
Le Grenier de Jupiter: at the corner of Avenue de la Bourdonnais No. 85 and Rue de Grenelle No. 201, Paris 7th. Metro: Ecole Militaire.
Open every day except Mondays from 10 am to 7 pm. Phone: 33 (0)1 45 55 29 99. Fax: 33 (0)1 45 55 88 00.
To order any of these exceptional antiques by e-mail, write to: contact.alp@stargonaut.com or contact the shop at the address above.

Large terra-cotta horse.
Magnificent example of sculpture from the HAN period (about 2000 years old).
Thermoluminescence test available.
Height: 112.5 cm.
Price: 22,500 Euros (Ref. B2071/251)

18th century oak commode
Price: 3,350 Euros
(Ref. B2288/21)

Small terra-cotta horseman, varnished,
with harmonious pastel colors from the MING period (1368 - 1644 AD).
Thermoluminescence test available.
Height: 34.5 cm.
Price: 2,950 Euros (Ref. B2011/324)

Small terra-cotta horse on its base,
TANG period (618 - 907 AD).
Thermoluminescence test available.
Height: 44.5 cm.
Price: 2,950 Euros (Ref. B2011/323)

Rare Terra-cotta horse, varnished dark brown 
TANG period (618 - 907 AD)
Thermoluminescence test available.
Height: 37 cm.
Price: 6,900 Euros (Ref. B1953/08)

XVIII th century Louis XVI commode
partly restored.
Price: 3,800 Euros
(Ref. B2288/7)
XVIII th century walnut writing-table,
partly restored.
Price: 3,800 Euros
(Ref. B2288/7)

Pair of servants 
MING period (1368 - 1644 AD)
Height: 35 cm.
Price: 2,350 Euros (Ref. 125144)

Terra-cotta horse
TANG period (618 - 907 AD)
Thermoluminescence test available.
Height: 43.6 cm.

Price: 3,350 Euros (Ref. B2040/963)

Rare Vintage Wine

Lalande de Pomerol

Chateau Croix Saint André
Bottled at the chateau 1975 and 1976

This wine stayed 20 years in the cellar of a town-house in the neighborhood. It is now for sale because the owners are going abroad. Thanks to its excellent quality, leading Parisian wine experts have estimated it to be worth over 76.22 Euros (500 Francs) a bottle. It can still improve with a few years further aging. About 300 bottles are available in the cellar for delivery within a few days.

Price: 57.93 Euros (380 F) a bottle
or 53.36 Euros (350 F) per bottle for a case of 12 bottles.