Melkonian's Exhibition
Sirak Melkonian — Portrait by Kaloust Babian
Sirak Melkonian

There are amazing dimensions in Melkonian's art that I have rarely seen in any other artwork: the presence of a vision that is deep-routed and yet can take an eagle's view on life. Life's mysterious dimensions, it's somber roots that are so complex, abstract and unintelligible exist side-by-side in his art with that detached view from the heights where the puzzle of life seems easy to grasp at first, yet hides the impenetrable mystery of intelligence, beauty and sentiments. His is a window on our roots and aspirations, on the unity of life's message, on the patterns of life that arise from the dawn of creation and burn out at the finish of the day.

A prominent contemporary artist, Sirak Melkonian was born in 1930 in Tehran and has been active as an artist since the 1950s in group exhibitions and personal exhibitions in Tehran, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Paris, France and Germany. His art is dispersed in private and public collections around the world, and his rich artistic activity spanning fifty years includes teaching art for 3 years in Zarvan Academy of Tehran, and from 1992 to the present in Toronto, Canada.

Art Lovers' Paris
May 2001

Personal exhibitions:

Esthetic Gallery, Tehran (1957); Iran-India Cultural Relation Society, Tehran (1962); Zarvan Gallery, Tehran (1973); Gallery Odermatt, Paris (1976); Zand Gallery, Tehran (1978); Gorky Gallery, New York (1983); PM Collection, Los Angeles (1986); Studio Cafe, New Port, California (1987).

Group exhibitions:

Sirak Melkonian has been present since 1950 in numerous group exhibitions of international standing throughout the world, a short list of which is given below:

Venice Biennale (1958); Paris Biennale (1959); Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, New York (1971); International Exhibition of Basel Switzerland (1975); International Exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris (1976); Exhibition of Contemporary Artists at the Salon de Montrouge, Paris (1977); Wash Art 77, Washington International Artfair USA (1977); FIAC'77 International, Contemporary Art Exhibition at Grand Palais, Paris (1977); Group Exhibition (a Collection of Art Works by Canadian Armenian Artists), Montreal & Ottawa, Canada (1990); Iranian Artists Group Exhibition, Paris (1990); Group Exhibition at the Armenian Community Centre, Willowdale, Ontario (1995); Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Saad Abad Palace, Tehran (1995); Contemporary American Artists Exhibition at V. Baghoomian Gallery, New York City (1995).

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