M.P. Ostré's Exhibition
Marie-Pierre  OSTRE

Marie-Pierre  OSTRE

It is difficult to know much about Marie-Pierre Ostré; the more you know her, the more her discretion predominates. Attentive, no doubt; modest, certainly; and undoubtedly generous. You only have to look at her painting that carries these traits as if they were anchor points in her pictorial trips through life.

Of course no one reaches the summit in painting without in-depth initiation, and in Marie-Pierre Ostré’s case this was achieved under two auspicious sorcerers: Edouard Mac’Avoy and Yves Brayer. It was in the ‘Cherche Midi’ studio of the former and as a student under Yves Brayer at the Grande Chaumière that she formed her attachments, over and above the currents of thought and artistic directions.

It was time to get away — her first trips were to New York and Moscow as well as the four corners of France — and in the silence of her studio, her strength and power asserted themselves on each canvass.

The painting of Marie-Pierre Ostré commands our respect by the measure of her power. There is no procrastination nor compromise, neither in her explosive gouaches nor her deep oils, where each stroke of the brush — now thin, now heavy — and where the play of colors suggest rather than depict the trace of a breeze on a marsh.

Marie-Pierre Ostré leads us in a waltz where only the poppies manage to avoid being cut by farm labourers, and what would we not give to be able to pick them from the canvass, in this Lubéron whose atmosphere she depicts so well. Then there are the staggering spaces of the Ha-Long Bay, or going down the Mekong with all the subtility of the soft greens of rice paddies.

And when Marie-Pierre takes us to the shores of the Mediterranean, from Tétouan to Mogador, the torpor of the South invades her landscapes as if to better fix them in a form of eternity.

Edouard Mac'Avoy summed up well stating that "Marie-Pierre Ostré breathes painting like you breathe mountain air; her canvases are tackled without the least vertigo, her underlying and sparkling harmonies are superbly brought to maturity"


Spent 10 years at the Edouard Mac'Avoy Studio. Student with Yves Brayer at La Grande Chaumière. Member of the French Artists' Salon and the Paris Autumn Salon.

Marie-Pierre Ostré is currently head of a group studio in Paris.

Prize winner several times at major exhibitions: - Silver Medal at the Paris City Exhibition, - Gold Medal in Avignon - Gold Medal in Arles, Exhibits in Paris, Washington, New York and Quebec.

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