What's on in Paris in Spring/Summer 2002
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This exhibition covered the Paris art scene during the period from the 1920's until the beginning of 1940 (i.e. until the beginning of the exodus to the USA). One of the most important exhibitions of the season, bringing together works by Magritte, Man Ray, Dali, Max Ernst, Masson, Tanguy, Miró, Giacometti and Brauner, the 'Surrealist Revolution' was on view at the Pompidou Center from 6th March to 24th June, 2002.

The explosion of imagery in this exhibition is so powerful that the present-day viewer comes out feeling lucky to experience it only through the eye, thankful for the gift of time that can rationalize any delirium, thankful too that our unleashed imagination is well hidden within our own heads and belongs to the world of silence. Yet the initial shock can be explained by the immensity of the artistic energy that Surrealism released.
The vast and conscious experimentation of the Surrealists within the realm of the unconscious took over some of the more positive aspects of Dadaism while exploiting Freud’s theories in an attempt to break away from the dictates of the scientific method of investigation of reality. Exploring the unconscious developed into an alternative method of acquiring knowledge and achieving creativity to the accepted rational method.
The fantastic door it opened was not always towards optimism; Romantic and Expressionist at heart, it also ventured into the darker side of the unknown.

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Salvador Dali - Figure at a Window, 1925
Figure at a Window, 1925
Salvador Dali
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Salvador Dali - Meditative Rose, 1958
Meditative Rose, 1958
Salvador Dali
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